5 caffeinated Journalism students, a minivan, and a fire to write a story


Yesterday, my friends and I set out to cover the Trump VS Clinton smack down in Buffalo, New York. It started out as an assignment, but quickly grew to something much bigger.

All jokes aside, Trumps win is terrifying. What is even more daunting is the fact that his supporters are not the typical white supremacist the media prepares us for. These people are educated. What blows my mind the most is the fact that some females are trump supporters. Do you not see his hate speeches? Why are you immune to this?

Congratulations America, you have elected a president who claims to “Grab women by the pussy.” A reality TV Star.

If that isn’t representative of him as a person, I don’t know what is. I am baffled to say that Trump’s propaganda works. This is a man who believes that any publicity is good publicity.

Congratulations America, you have elected a president that believes that Muslims should not be allowed to enter the United States, on any circumstances.

Congratulations America, you have elected a president who attends Anti-LQBTQ+ Project events.

Congratulations America, you have put possibly the most dangerous man in the world in power.

Congratulations America, you have set your country years back, while simultaneously slapping anyone who believes in a movement towards a better world across the face.

Congratulations America, you have disappointed an entire nation.

The Canadian immigration website has crashed. I don’t blame them. Apparently it’s only okay for Americans to flee their country when things aren’t going their way.