Mum and I saw Pentatonix open for Kelly Clarkson last summer, and knew we had to see them again. I truly believe anyone with any music taste would love PTX. I have followed them since the sing-off. Their energy filled the entire ACC. I don’t usually love the Air Canada Centre for Concerts, but Pentatonix holds a special place in my heart.

img_4001I live for Mitch’s awkward dancing, that closely resembles a drunk adolescent at a party.

I love everything that PTX stands for. The show they put on is so simple, yet so captivating. My favourite part was during the encore, when they came out to sing “A Light in the Hallway”. What made this piece so special was the way they did it. Mitch asked the whole audience to be as quiet as possible, as they didn’t use any microphones. This moment almost brought a tear to my eye, because it reminded me of the raw talent that made me fall in love with Pentatonix in the first place. These are just 5 people with an insane love for music, as well as indescribable talent.

And don’t even get me started on Hallelujah. This classic is one of my personal all-time favourites, and Pentatonix gives me chills when they sing it. The arrangement is perfect, and the music video is so well done as well. I believe it really shows off Mitch’s vocal ability as well, and that makes me happy because he is my favourite of the bunch.

Us the Duo opened for them, and they also made my heart full.


Their chemistry coupled with second-to-none vocal ability had Mum & I in awe. I had to instantly go and purchase their new album, which I don’t all that often do.


It was amazing to see my Super Fruit boys in action, instead of just on my YouTube screen.