YouTube may have shut down Veronica Bouchard’s videos after the complaint lodged of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs in early November. However, her message is still going strong. The 19 year old now lives in Markham, and continues to make anti-Semitic videos under the name

“I know you’re thinking: ‘How can this girl celebrate Hitler’s birthday?’”

Bouchard said in her YouTube videos, praising the dictator.

The Canadian Border Service Agency questioned her on her way back from a family trip to Germany. She says in her YouTube videos that they detained her for eight hours, going through her private journals and laptop. She is quickly becoming known as one of the youngest female neo-Nazi YouTubers. Bouchard’s videos contain messages of a hopeful “white only Canada” and belief that crime is directly correlated with immigration.

Const. Pattenden of York Regional Police defines a hate crime as: “Any hate/Bias motivated Crime means a criminal offence committed against a person or property which is motivated by the suspect/offender’s bias, prejudice or hate based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or any other similar factor.”

Bouchard reveals in a video that she believed CBSA due to the fact that someone alerted them of her video. She claims they told her she was being investigated for a hate crime in a video.

Bouchard’s case is being treated as a hate crime. Calls to her were not returned. Sections 318 and 319 are the relevant sections of the Criminal Code in this case, stating that it is against the law to incite hatred.

Const. Pattenden said: “Hate crimes depend on what is currently happening in the rest of the world”, in a phone interview.

Also interviewed over the phone was a woman who didn’t want her name used. This individual attended St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in Pickering with Bouchard. This individual also was in elementary school with Bouchard, at St. Marguerite Bourgeois in Pickering. She remembers the girl leaving elementary school, moving elsewhere, then rejoining her peers at St. Mary. She recalls an incident where Bouchard was on webcam with her, and called her an offensive word, “chink”.

“I remember Veronica as quite odd, I think she went by some alter-ego in high school as Ronnie, but in elementary school we all remember her as Veronica.” The anonymous source said. “I guess her crazy maximized as she got older.”

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs is pertinent in this case as it represents Canada’s Jewish population. CIJA wants to remind viewers that the vast majority of Canadians are tolerant, peace loving, and kind. The key to fighting anti-Semitism is education and speaking out against hatred.

CIJA holds combating anti-Semitism at high importance in their mission.

CIJA said in an email interview: “Canada is a very safe country to be a Jewish person. However, we are not immune to acts of anti-Semitism. CIJA has, in the past, submitted similar hate-crimes complaints, and we are very fortunate to have a strong relationship with the police and local law enforcement – they take these matters very seriously.”

The Canadian Border Services Agency comments in an email interview: “The Customs Act precludes us from speaking to the specifics of any one traveller. However, the CBSA has the responsibility to provide integrated border security and facilitate legitimate trade and travel.”

Any Canadian citizen seeking entry to the country may be subject to an in-depth exam.

“CBSA officers have the legal authority under section 99 of the Customs Act to examine personal baggage, including personal electronic devices, and conveyances and goods upon arrival into and on departure from Canada. This could include the examination of electronic storage devices that may contain obscene material, hate propaganda or child pornography.” said CBSA in an email interview. “If officials suspect that a good falls within the definition of the Criminal Code, it may be detained for further review.”

She replies with her own YouTube video, stating that Global News failed to mention that the airport detained her for over eight hours without food or water.

“This is how they normalize people’s brains with this style of reporting” Bouchard says

On December 8th, she says in an Evalion response video that they didn’t play a part of her interview where she talks about white genocide. She reveals (also in that video) that her real name is Veronica Bouchard, although she has hidden behind the screen name: Evalion.

“They told me that they wouldn’t use my full name and instead would use ‘Evalion’ and I told them that my family could be in a lot of trouble if they did, they didn’t listen to us.” Bouchard said in her response video.

Bouchard is closely scrutinized online, according to her YouTube channel response.

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