A journal entry from first year:

To me, being a journalist is to be unforgivingly raw. If I’ve learned anything in first year journalist, it is to be unapologetic in your main mission. A journalist’s primary and single obligation is to the truth. I want to be that. I’ve always strived to be a reporter. I want people to recognize my name in the field. I plan to shape up with cunning linguistics, strong leads, and content which speaks for itself.

There is so much out there that has not been exploited. So many undercover conspiracies begging to be unleashed. Audience members deserve to know what happens in their society.

Avid news readers in a participatory culture are more cultured. It is so incredibly ignorant to not know what goes on in your world. If you live in this dream world that Kim Kardashian’s ass is important, you’re wrong.

I want to exploit real issues. Inhumane events that replay. Audiences with a certain degree of loyalty deserve their news. I want current events to be exciting again. I think politics and legal jargon numbs the minds of eager readers looking for concise, interesting news. People are not drawn to the news because they are immune to it.

We as a people are constantly enveloped in the news, yet we choose to ignore it. Why is that? Because it’s easier to sit comfortably in my suburban Canadian home drinking tea and ignorance.

I have a roof over my head and the education to form these sentences. I have this because someone fought for it. It is blatantly disrespectful to wholly disregard this. I’m not saying we should be history thumpers. I fell asleep in history class probably just as often as you. However, I stand firmly in the belief that you should know where you came from. I have bigs dreams. There is absolutely nothing in my way. While the world is too busy sleeping quietly in their safe beds, I want to exploit pieces that shake foundations, and eradicate.

Some reflection: first year Vic was bad ass. I intend to read this whenever I am doubting myself. Two years later, I can say that I am struggling heavily in my program. Journalists can’t stay in bed. I need to get out there and journal more, this is my passion. No mental health issues can take that away from me.