I’ll be honest and say that exam time gets me down like none other. I’m a drama queen, so naturally I fall into a “poor me” cycle. Today I am making the conscious effort to shift my mindset. Here are some things I am grateful for right now:

1. Having fresh produce in my fridge all the time, at my disposal.

2. Professors who are lovely and understanding.

3. Customers at my retail job who buy mints and chocolate for me, to get me through my shift.

4. The beautiful weather we’ve been having lately (even though I’m still bracing myself for a snow storm, it is Canada after all)

5. Long hilarious phone calls with my cousin.

6. Walking downtown Toronto and taking in every moment.

7. Finding a new Netflix series and binge-watching it until I fall asleep.

8. Fresh flowers showing up at my door unexpectedly.

9. Jumping the gun on Patio Beers season, even if it may not be nice enough right now.

10. Hugging my Mama or brother after a long day.

Sometimes feeling better about current situations is as easy as quickly jotting down 10 things going right.