She had best, I had friends. Our bracelets worn daily.

We created all of these exceptional memories together, forever engrained on my heart. I shared my firsts with you. First date, first kiss, first heartbreak, first sleepover. Thank-you for standing beside me while I was boy crazy (I still am, I was just figuring out the denseness of it then).

But some friendships do not last forever, I just wasn’t prepared for ours to end. Nothing in particular caused the separation, it just happens. I’ve since learned that it is part of growing up.

I want you to know I am not angry, and I am low key cheering you on continuously. You seem to be doing exceptionally well, and I am proud of you. My family misses you, they were quite attached to your little antics. Actually, they have since become regular household references in my house, we mean that in the most loving was possible.

Our dissolution was not foreseen, but I would not be who I am today without the love and support I acquired from you during those early, pivotal years. So I thank-you. I wish you the very best, I love you.