Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a Boots virgin, it’s always good to have a list. I’ve compiled my favourite “oh no I wish I had this” items. Saddle up!

As many cases of water as you can fit in your car

Seriously, you’ll want to stay as hydrated as possible. To avoid that mid-day pass out, water bottles are key. You may not be stationed anywhere near clean water, so be prepared.

Healthy Snacks

I love popcorn and chips when I’m drinking as much as the next person, but your body will thank you for having some grapes or watermelon. Apples, trail mix, nuts. Avoid produce like bananas or avocados, they’re too much work.

Bathing Suit

This serves a dual purpose. Let’s face it, you’re going to sweat, a lot. This helps to wick away some moisture, so you can get a little wet and not have to worry about your clothes drying. Ample amount of sun protection will be your best friend on this trip.

 Baby Powder

Chub rub is an epidemic. Dry shampoo is unnecessary. Simple.

Portable Charger\Car Charger

Because what’s Boots without all of the pictures? Your phone will die more than you think it will, with all the time calling your friends to locate them, and taking a million photos.


I was personally dying last year without my coffee, as I didn’t realize how far the food trucks would be from my campsite. And everything is really expensive. My best advice for food and drink, do not rely on any vendors. Bring your own everything for consumption.

 Baby Wipes

Everything gets dirty. This is not a clean event. I repeat, this is not a clean event. Your feet will be filthy, and you’ll be too drunk to place the shower stalls. Do yourself a favour and be prepared to wipe your entire body down with baby wipes.

Also worth mentioning:

Portable lamp

Your comfiest pillow

Not as much makeup as you’d think

Gatorade or coconut water


No jewelry that you care about


Pre-made food (you’ll think you want to cook but you don’t)


Lysol wipes

Something to lock your valuables in


Don’t forget your funnel! Happy Camping everyone!