nd all that…SASS

Beat that Winter Blues Christmas is over, the stockings are down, the presents are put away, and the magic is gone. I’m now ready for a beach. Realistically, this is not going to happen. I was fortunate enough to travel to Jamaica for... Continue Reading →


Jamaica, No Worries

I recently went on a trip to Montego Bay in Jamaica. Visiting Bob Marley's House and Mausoleum is an experience I recommend to everyone. Music and Mary Jane lovers alike gather to pay tribute to the King of Reggae. Inside the... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Christmas Ornaments

It's not really Christmas to me until my tree is up. To my dismay, we assemble a fake tree every year. Ornaments are so special to me because each one on my tree tells a story. Here are some of my... Continue Reading →

Storytelling to Break the Silence

Nirbhaya tells the true story of a woman in distress, and the power of speaking out. Write to make sense of things. Write to enlighten. Write for different reasons, but most importantly write to tell your story. Storytelling is an... Continue Reading →

To be…a Journalist

A journal entry from first year: To me, being a journalist is to be unforgivingly raw. If I've learned anything in first year journalist, it is to be unapologetic in your main mission. A journalist's primary and single obligation is... Continue Reading →

From Mum & Dad

I got this off of Facebook, and I believe it is very important to keep in mind this holiday season. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house where my presents from Santa and my parents were basically... Continue Reading →

CIJA Speaks Out Against Hate Crimes Online

 YouTube may have shut down Veronica Bouchard’s videos after the complaint lodged of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs in early November. However, her message is still going strong. The 19 year old now lives in Markham, and continues... Continue Reading →

PTX in Concert

Mum and I saw Pentatonix open for Kelly Clarkson last summer, and knew we had to see them again. I truly believe anyone with any music taste would love PTX. I have followed them since the sing-off. Their energy filled... Continue Reading →

Congratulations, America

5 caffeinated Journalism students, a minivan, and a fire to write a story Yesterday, my friends and I set out to cover the Trump VS Clinton smack down in Buffalo, New York. It started out as an assignment, but quickly... Continue Reading →

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